Monday, April 28, 2008

Truth - part 3 - the message is done

As I said in Truth - part 1 post New Covenant spotlights each of the ministries in it at a main or as we call it "big church." The Middle School spotlight happened last April 20 & 27, 2008 (we have two campuses and so we were at each one of them). As I worked on this message and thought of the youth that we had in our group I moved away from teaching on just Truth and moved to Phil 4:8 (see Truth - part 2 post). Now here on part 3 I want to finish off these posts.

If you would like to hear the message please go here. I had three 8th graders help me do the message and they were awesome. We also had our whole unleashed team up leading everyone in worship and they did an awesome job. My wonderful wife Lisa took some great pictures and if you click here or on the picture you can go to a slide show of those pictures.

I really enjoyed preparing this message and working with these great middle schoolers. I have a lot of "mind fodder" to work with after doing this study and I can see a lot more coming from this than just a message.

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