Thursday, April 24, 2008

O how we Christians can be so silly and couterproductive

Tomorrow (April 25) is the "Day of Silence" that has been talked about a lot around here. I want to say that many Christians (even well known ones that I respect) are coming at this thing completely wrong. My two good friends (Tye & Mark) have blog posts about this and I encourage anyone to go and read their blog posts (Tye's here & Mark's here) to get their thoughts on all of this. I completely and totally agree with their approach. I would be open to any discussion about this but let's show Jesus' love to those who don't know Him in a personal way. Open your eyes to Him my Christian brothers and sisters.

Here are a few statements I pulled from my friends blogs:


- Despite what these Christian organizations infer as to the purpose of the event, I believe we must base our response on their stated purpose, not our assumptions or interpolations. To do otherwise makes us look like fear-mongering, paranoid, extremists, who don’t understand plain English.

- My opinion is that this AFA/Mission America boycott is just plain silly and counterproductive


- I am writing today because I have never believed that we will get anywhere with those we disagree with by carrying banners, protest marches, petition drives and the like. We are called to love those with whom we disagree. This is called grace and I would rather be known for what I am for rather than what I am against.

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