Monday, June 07, 2010

Prayers and Review of May 2010

Another month of reading and praying through the Bible has happened. I'm close to being finished with the book of Luke and it has been a wonderful journey. Here are the prayers I came up with:

Lord, your Word has so much in it - help me to keep digging for more of you there.

Lord, may I proclaim you to all that you allow me to interact with.

Lord, may you be seen through the everyday stuff I do for you as well as the above and beyond stuff I do.

Lord, you play by your own rules - help me to be a good player for you.

Lord, thank you for having other people go before me who read your word and worked hard to understand it so that I might grow from what you taught them.

Lord, I need my heart changed - help me find my more about what I'm here for.

Lord, you are always good & I always need you - open my eyes to daily seeing you.

Lord, open my mind to your truth and please pour in your truth.

Lord, I need your peace, patience, strength, and wisdom to keep walking this journey you have placed me on.

Lord, I want what you want me to have and that should be enough for me - help me to stay balanced.

Lord, may I be out spoken for you and you alone.

Lord, there are times where I need a firm look from you to hear you - open my eyes to read that in your word and respond.

Lord, I want to share your word with passion but in humility - open my eyes to see that daily.

Lord, open my eyes and train me to be the best I can be to teach your love and truth to all MS kids that I'm around.

Lord, I focus on myself so often & what I need to do is focus on you - I need your help Lord

Lord, may I be one who people hear your truth from - no matter what.

Lord, I'm a saint that sins - forgive me and strengthen me for the journey ahead - may I finish well.

Lord, may I stand at all times for you, but there is no way I can on my own - help me pls.

Lord, may I be a faithful follower of yours - always.

Lord, may I become friends with every person you want me to become friends with.

Lord, help me block out the worlds loud voice so that I might hear your quite truth.

Lord, may I be witness to all that you are doing around me and for me so that I might give you all the praise & point out You to all.

Lord, may I see you in everything that I say and do.

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