Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mag report - GROUP (May-Jun 2010)

Another GROUP magazine has graced my desk and here are some thoughts I had:

Something I liked: I really didn’t like this but I really needed to hear Steve Argue’s “Un/Orthodox” article about David Duncan’s book, “The Brothers K.” This is what I really needed to hear, “The mistake Mama (and I’ll add Mark Eades) – often make is not letting teenagers finish their prayers, their sentences, or their journeys.” Steve goes on to say, “Althought parents and youth ministers fear that teenagers are 'losing their faith, never to return (fear-based language), what they ought to fear is short-cicuiting kids' faith journeys.” Ouch! Thx Steve for kicking me where I needed it.

???: I like stats and the annual massive survey that group does is a great resource. But I really liked what Andrea Vincent said about some of the survey results. He said, “I think teenagers are simply comfortable thinking that others could help them with their faith issues.” This statement made me think that thou we have all this great information from so many kids we still need to remember they are all kids and that the survey needs to be looked at by us (adults) as just one peace of many to understanding our kids.

Key Statement: Steve Merritt said, “Consequences are the blue-light specials of adolescent development.”

Creative idea: Kurt Johnston introduced this great web site for cool stuff –

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