Friday, September 25, 2009

Mag report - GROUP (Sep - Oct 2009)

Here are my thoughts on the newest GROUP magazine:

Something I liked: The interview of Marv Penner and his article, "The best practices of counseling teenagers" are awesome and we need to "remind yourself that we're not shrinks...we're shepherds."

Also, Megan Hutchinson's simple phrases of encouragement every kids needs to hear:
I believe in you
I am here for you
You are going to get through this
You can make good choices
You are talented, gifted, and rare
You matter

???: Jeanne Mayo used talked about goals and quoted a study of Harvard business graduates, "only 13% had goals, & only 3% of that group had written down their goals & an action plan." I remember hearing that when I was in college 10 yrs ago - just wondering if there are more recent studies out there about these stats.

Key Statement: Dave Livermore & Steve Argue made this awesome statement, "Kickoffs, events, & trips usually have a big workup, followed by a big letdown." How true & important to remember.

Creative idea: Stephanie Caro shared some great ideas to try this new school year. One of theme was to take the youth group to one school event per teen. We are doing something like this with our different groups that I think will make a huge difference in our kids lives - thanks Stephanie for the great idea.

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