Monday, October 05, 2009

Prayers and Review of Sep 09

Been reading through Exodus for my personal time with the Lord and I must say it has been very interesting to read. I was also very surprised how much of what I read felt new to me - as if I hadn't read it before. Here are my prayers from my personal study:

Lord, may I multiply my desire to honor you with everything I say and do - even if I am oppressed.

Lord, may I be your child. Lord, there are times in your word that I really don't get it.

Lord, may I celebrate you with all that I am no matter what the situation I'm in.

Lord, may I be a slave to you and you alone.

Lord, may my heart never get hard that you would have to turn water into blood for me to change.

Lord, may I never be detestable in your eyes - may I be your servant always.

Lord, may I be all yours.

Lord, I'm your servant - make me better.

Lord, you are able to change hearts and minds - may my heart and mind always be thinking about you.

Lord, may you raise me up to be all that I'm to be on this earth for you.

Lord, may I be ready for battle for you.

Lord, may you blast the enemies of your truth with your nostrils.

Lord, may I be directed by you to your instruction and may I follow them.

Lord, your word is all true help me to see that daily.

Lord, may I take care of my family the way you want me to.

Lord, may I walk after you constantly even if it is a long walk.

Lord, when I hear from you may I be listening with all that I have.

Lord, help me understand your sayings that you want me to understand and be ok with that.

Lord, may the widows and orphans in my life be cared for.

Lord, may you find me being fair in all my dealings.

Father - may I hang out with you every day - kinda like Moses did.

Lord, I'm a saint that sins - may my heart always be prompted to turn to you.

Thank you Lord for giving all of us different abilities to make a difference in this world.

Lord, in all things that you do and share in your word may I respond to them.

Lord, may I stop being all about me and be all about you - help me LORD!

Lord, may you show yourself in the way you want me to see you - always.

Lord, thank you for showing yourself to the people of Israel through Moses - that history is so awesome and important to me.

Lord, may I always be willing to bring what every you ask of me to you - with all that I am.

Lord, open my eyes to Your truths in my life so that I might move towards you more.

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