Friday, September 25, 2009

Mag report - GROUP (Jul- Aug 2009)

I'm finally getting caught up on all my simple reports. I've read a lot but haven't taken the time to do a report on what I've read. I'm committed to try to remember what I've read and this blog is my main tool to do just that. Here is what I picked up on GROUP Jul-Aug 2009 magazines:

What I liked: Greg Stier's article on "of strippers and missionaries" really was great. I loved this thought, "Equipping kids to consistently live dependent on Jesus is the best thing we can do to set them up for a lifetime of serving and sharing Jesus." The need for our middle schoolers to understand their need for Jesus in their regular daily life is so key to them taking spiritual steps forward.

???: David Hagan's "helpful hint" had a great idea - PEAK groups (Prayer, Encouragement, Accountability, & Knowing God) but he also suggest that the groups should have new leaders every 3 mths which I see as a weakness since the kids and the leaders wouldn't have a chance to really connect. 3 months just isn't enough time to make lasting impact in a kid's life.

Key statement: Duffy Robbins said this "God's not looking for savvy, hip people who know it all; he's looking for teachable people who are willing to have their eyes opened in new ways to his glory."

Something creative: Steve Case's article "The best darn Fall Kickoff idea...period" had a great idea when he shared that we could - "give kids a 'permanent' reminder of a temporary feeling" - temp tattoos are a great idea.

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