Monday, June 01, 2009

Prayers and Review of May 09

I was able to finish the Breathe Devos (from GROUP) this month. It was a wonderful time of reflecation and I think my prayers (see below) reflect that. I'm also getting close to finishing my review of key questions from my past 3 year devo time. The prayers I have put down really show to me how God has moved and changed me. I'm looking forward to what this next month will be like.

From the Breathe devos:
Lord, please keep pruning me so that I might be more and more like the Mark Eades you want me to be on this earth.

Lord, keep me humble, help me to love compassion, and keep me deep in your word so that I know what is right and how to share it clearly.

LORD you are my great daddy – you love me and you are proud of me. That gives me so much hope to keep moving ahead in everything that I do and go through. Thx Daddy

Lord, I have little doubt that you are going to do some incredible things in my MSers lives but I wonder about myself? I don’t want to become so engrossed with myself that I miss you but I also want to be the best Mark Eades there is – help me with my struggles.

Heavenly Father, everything is about and for you. Thank you that you are for me - that you are there when ministry is rich and satisfying and when it is not. Guide me through “good pastures” and keep me from fake “good pastures.”

Lord, I love you X3 and more. Help me to be faithful, to keep helping my family and ministry to “get it,” and to never stop trying to glorify you.

Lord, so often I let my fear of life take control of me and I feel so far from you. Lord, help me to constantly realize that there is nothing on this earth that can separate me from you.

Unity under You LORD is so important – may I help kids, parents, sponsors, my family, & even me move towards that always.

LORD, I feel so troubled so often, I’m so confused in what I should do, I feel like I’m hurting, and it seems every time I start to stand up I get knocked down again – HELP! I need you. Thanks for being there for me.

LORD, you can shine through anything – including my weaknesses. My I humbly come before you and allow you to mold me and reshape me – pls LORD.

Dear God, I know that you have a race all lined up for me and are asking me daily to run it with everything I can. I know also that by doing this you are doing things for me – thank you God and keep shining the light for me to take my next step forward.

Lord, may I open my spiritual eyes even more to see what you want me to see. May I be an instrument of “pray, care and share” in all that I do.

Lord, open your word to me and my I find you there as always. How faithful you are, may I become a faithful man and pastor to middle school kids.

Lord, I know that there is a prize awaiting me in heaven but I don’t often think about it. I think more about how I can honor you today with all I say and do – help me to keep that as my focus.

from my Personal devos:
Lord, may I live by faith and work hard for wisdom in my life.

Lord, I’m thinking through my relationship with my sister & how you say often in your word that we should treat wisdom like a sister – may I do that more and more.

Lord, may your wisdom be as a foundation to my life and ministry as pillars are to a strong building.

Lord, thank you for your sacrifice on the cross, help me to get to understand you better each day.

Lord, I want to become a faithful man, but I know I’m not – help me pls.

Lord, I am your child; help me to keep myself focused on only that.

Lord, it is a mystery how you communicate with your people, my I grow to understand that better and tell you I love you better.

Lord, thank you for being fully man on earth – may I be the Mark Eades you want me to be.

Lord, open my eyes to your ways in my life, may I sacrifice anything I have for your glory and to share your truth to others.

Lord, may I be all that you want me to be – so much so that others around me will notice and encounter you.

Lord, may I be useful for your glory until I’m used up here on the earth and then may I join you to praise you in heaven.

Thank you Lord for loving me - a great sinner.

Lord, I want my life to be about you – keep my eyes on you in all I say and do.

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