Monday, May 11, 2009

Mag report - GROUP (May-Jun 2009)

I really enjoy GROUP magazine and the may/jun09 one has some great ideas and thoughts in it:

What I liked: Doug Field's had another great interview - this time with Katie Edwards (who I've had a chance to meet a couple of times at different conferences - great gale). Katie shares about the importance of adult leaders in kid’s lives and how to keep them for the long haul of youth ministry. "I think recruiting and training are kind of one-moment things, but developing leaders is something that happens over time." Great thoughts and a great article - thx Katie and Doug

???: Interesting enough last report I shared a statement from Stephanie Caro in his article "Big Worship" that I really liked. This week in his short article "Your office image" he talks about cleaning it up - to be more presentable to adults we interact with. For most youth pastors I know their office is something between a storage room and janitor closet that they didn’t choose for themselves but was assigned to them. It's hard to have a good office image when you aren't allowed an office in the first place.

Key statement: Jeanne Mayo shared a great statement in her article "musings on the recession" - "But what teenagers remember most are gifts of time and the heart, not the wallet."

Something creative: I really liked Jessie Oliver's idea of a prayer photo calendar and plan on using that idea this coming 2009-2010 school year - thx Jessie

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