Thursday, March 26, 2009

PDYM 2009 - Second Post

Another enjoyable day in Calf. Here are 10 more things that stood out to me:

1) I got a chance to spend the evening with my World of Warcraft friend Matt McGill
2) "On Your Own" or "On Their Own" is so important to for discipleship ministry to happen
3) I really want our middle school ministry to be a blast for our kids but I want their experience in sr hi to be even more fun which means we need to pull back a little in middle school - which the cool thing is we already do that.
4) Interesting that I came up with 3 action ideas when we talked through the ministry purpose but only 1 action idea with the other 4 purposes.
5) Surprised myself in how well I understand "purpose driven."
6) I really like how the PDYM people use names of current and former students and leaders to explain what they have and are doing.
7) Again the need for kids and sponsors to really know each other really makes a difference in finding the new leaders.
8) A student grows better if they are allowed to experiment - often.
9) Had a great breakfast, lunch, and supper and someone else paid for it!
10) Had a chance to meet all of the people on the Simply Youth minsitry podcast.

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