Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PDYM 2009 - First Post

Got to California yesterday late to the conference but had a great time getting re-connected with people I know and meeting new people. It is so fun to meet and talk youth ministry. Here are some key reasons why I came to this conference:

1) The networking I will be able to do will reinforce the relationships I have with middle school ministers already and connect with new ones.
2) The chance to see and hear about new and different ways to impact middle school students will keep me from getting into a rut.
3) This will give me some personal away time that is longer than 2 days since I haven’t done a getaway like this since Sep 2007.
4) I hope to meet up with Matt McGill (my World of Warcraft friend.)

Here are some simple “take away”s I have gotten so far:
1) I had forgotten how much of what we do an NCBC is right in line with the purpose driven stuff. I love how we have such a great purpose as a church and our church family knows it.
2) There really is no "one way" to do ministry.
3) The need for ownership for my students and sponsors has to be a high value for us to be successful in impact kids.
4) I really need to take a group of my sponsors to a conference like this - the impact on our ministry would be ten times greater than it is with me only going.
5) I was a little surprised how often the statement "purpose driven" was brought up and that a lot of people take that statement negatively.
6) Evaluation of all we do is a high value.
7) Evangelistic baby steps create momentum.
8) Friendship evangelism needs events & events need friendship evangelism.
9) There is more to a crowd program than a program (People, Place, & Program).
10) I got a chance to meet Matt McGill and hope we can connect - he is really busy right now so it might not happen :(

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