Friday, March 27, 2009

PDYM 2009 - Final Post

I'm sitting at the Denver airport with free WIFI (nice) but a sporadic connection (not nice) and wanted to get my final thoughts down from the great PDYM conference I'm coming home from. Here are my final bullet points:

1) I really like going to conferences but want to start doing them with my family. Next time I plan on taking my daughter Lindsey.
2) Nothing good happens w/out a team.
3) an idea I've had was put into words for me today - I need to care for my sponsors the way I want them to care for the kids - something I need to do better at.
4) Encourage X3 - "That was good youth ministry I just saw."
5) We need to move our sponsor meetings to different homes.
6) At the sponsor meetings have an agenda but be willing to flex on it as the meeting goes along.
7) Start looking over Bob's (our Sr. Pastor) sermon schedule and see if there are things we have done that I could suggest to him to use as illustrations for his messages.
8) Can't wait to get back with my family .

The conference was a great time to kick back and listen to other people's ideas and thoughts to impact kids. I’m looking forward to getting back to NCBC and being with the great leaders, sponsors, parents, and kids that are there. I love my church family there so much and this conference helps me see that once again.

Note: sponsors are my adult volunteers

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