Friday, February 20, 2009

Simple Thoughts

I haven't done a "Simple Thoughts" since April last year (click here to read it). I do this off and on because of a thought our Assoc. Pastor Kim Pagel shared with the staff over a year ago. He had us think through unexpected events that happened the past year in our life. Since then I try to put down different random thoughts that I think about or think will happen in my life.

1) I've become a Coffeesmiths addict. I really enjoy the atmosphere and their white chocolate mocha is awesome.
2) I have a chance to write an article for simplyyouthministry. I'm thinking about writing on expectations with middle school youth and/or tangible goals in middle school ministry.
3) Marko (who I respect highly) from Youth Specialties wrote a book called YM3.0 and I really want to read it but I'm also hesitant to read it - it is a strange reaction that I've never had before.
4) I'm really looking forward to spring break this year and getting away with my family. We are planning on going to Dubuque, IA and go to Grand Harbor Resort.
5) My good friend and mentor Mark Forstrom has agreed to edit this little blog of mine so that it is easier for people to read - thx old friend.


Thomas said...

I miss you guys a ton!

Just read YM 3.0! It's totally worth a go. I liked it. It's definitely challenging, but there are many good and insightful things in it.

And did I mention that I miss you guys?

Mark E. Eades said...

Thx Thomas we miss you aroud here as well (your big blow up pic is still behind the window in the youth lounge)

I like the idea of being Challenged - I need to get YM3.0 & read it. Thx buddy!

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