Monday, February 16, 2009

prayers these last few months - Feb 09

It has been a long time since I spent some focused time looking over my quite time journal. I started over 2 years ago (thx to a great book by Scott McKnight - to see my post about that click here) with a new way for me to have quite times and I've really enjoy and have been impacted by this. I've been posting my prayers that come from this quiet time here in my blog. Here is another group of prayers that really had me thinking about God's Word:

Lord, keep me from temptation.

Lord, my I let those who need to know your truth know it in your timing and way.

Lord, thank you for coming as a willing servant teaching us to follow you.

Lord, may you grant me peace and wisdom so that I might be there for Jessica's family.

Lord, open my eyes to see where I must plow and not look back - I want to honor you and you alone.

Lord, make me GO!

Lord, may I praise you always.

Lord, may I serve each person you put before me today for your glory no matter what the condition they are in.

Lord, may I be bold in my friendships.

Lord, may I share your truth of how to avoid a divided kingdom to young people.

Lord, may I be always thinking of ways to understand You better so that I might honor You better.

Lord, may you see a searching and open heart to you in me.

Lord, I want to be full of your truth so that when the Holy Spirit wishes to use me I'm complete.

Lord, when the time of the wedding banquet is over and you return may you find my door open and ready for you.

Lord, may I do all that you have placed me here to do and may I be content with that.

Lord, may I bear fruit all the time for your kingdom.

Lord you know all things before they ever happen - thx for knowing all things.

Lord, may I be about helping all around me come to your kingdom.

Lord, I'm confused sometimes - how do I give generously and still help people get on their own feet - I need your wisdom.

Lord, I don't want to be like the complaining son or the lost son - help me to be a “non-complaining - always there son.”

Lord, open my eyes so that I might be shrewd with all that you place before me.

Lord, may you find me enjoying the things you enjoy and hating the things you hate.

Lord, may I be known as a humble man who tried to honor You with all.

Lord, you are in my heart - you are who I am not - everything in my life belongs to you - may you receive all the glory.

Lord, I want to understand how to come to you? How to stand before you and honor you with the life you have given me? May you find me always looking for you.

Lord, I want to be a little child in your kingdom - pls open my eyes to see you.

Lord, may I come to you with my heart open, my mind ready for new information, and through it all may I honor you.

Lord, as I look at your word I want nothing more than to understand it more. Help me to dive in more than I have and may your truth stand out to me.

Lord, may my eyes be open to all that you are doing around me so I might glorify you & not miss it.

Lord, there are things in your Word that I don't understand - help to understand what I need to and be ok with what I don't.

Lord, may I look to you and only you.

Lord, I want to understand, help me - pls!

Thank you Lord for choosing me to one who will communicate your words of wisdom – may it always be about you and not me.

Lord, your word is endless may I treat it as such.

Lord, you are greater than all and I need you to help me be ok with that.

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