Monday, February 23, 2009

Book Report – Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus

Our small group that my wife and I have the privilege of hosting decided to go through the Chasing Daylight video series that put out and I decided to read the book, "Chasing Daylight" that drives this series. What a great read but also a very challenging one for me. As always I’m putting down two key thoughts that stood out to me:

1) In Mr. McManus’ chapter on Uncertainty he writes, “the certainty that God has called you and the confidence that he will work his victory out in your life are not guarantees of a safe and secure journey.” This really hit me and prompted me to as two question to my small group: Can we live with less in our life? And should we live that way? It was very interesting the reaction I had from the group. At the first question the small group were all agreeing with me and said yes we can do it. But as soon as I asked the second question the hesitation started to creep in. That hesitation hit me hard because I was hesitating as well. I often say that I want to do whatever it takes to honor and point people to God and yet when I’m confronted with uncertainty I pull back. This whole chapter has challenged me to move ahead even if I’m uncertain of what will happen.

2) In the second to last chapter, Movement, Mr. McManus’ makes this statement, “This is one reason it is critical to seize every divine moment. You can never know at the onset all that God intends to do through your simple act of obedience.” This made me think about our purpose statement for our middle school ministry here at NCBC, “Where every middle school youth is given opportunities to take spiritual steps forward.” We have such a limited time with these wonderful kids and I want our group to help them take these steps forward. Mr. McManus seems to confirm this idea that each of these steps are divine moments that we cannot let slip by. I’ll be sharing this with my adult leaders the next time we meet to keep encouraging them to seize these divine moments.

Overall I enjoyed this book and feel that I’ve got a few good ideas from it to apply to my personal life as well as to the lives of those who I humbly have the chance to minister to and with.


Justin Forman said...

Hey Mark,

I'm a part of the leadership team here at Bluefish. It was encouraging to hear your feedback about the Chasing Daylight series with Erwin. Its been exciting to see how its helped out thousands of churches over the past few years.

Keep up the great work. Thanks for the encouraging words.


Mark E. Eades said...

Thx Justin for commenting. It has been a wonderfully challening time for our small group.

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