Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mag Report - GROUP (Jan-Feb 2009)

Got GROUP magazine a couple weeks ago but didn't get a chance to really read it because of being sick until this week. Here are a couple of my thoughts:

What I liked: Each issue there is a section in the back called "the rip" and I really like those short and current ideas that come up. I usually don't remember all of them but now that I'm using Evernote I don't have to because I put them there for me to recall when I need them.

???: One thing I did when I first joined NCBC was to meet with two very important people - the money guy and the janitor. I wanted to make sure that I started a relationship with them and I've worked hard to keep those relationships strong ever since. I laughed at "the incite" top 10 excuses for the custodian but it also made me think of how many youth guys/gals out there don't take the time to connect with the janitor before we have to give these "excuses" to them.

Key statement: Doug Fields article on "the fix" about volunteers had this that really stood out to me, "Don't make important decisions in isolation." I've had to learn this the hard way but it is really important.

Something creative: I really liked and will use Jessica McKee's "click a pic" idea she shared. Really creative - thx Jessica.


Thomas said...

what is it about Evernote that you like, mark?

Mark E. Eades said...

Hey Thomas,

There is a lot that I like about Evernote. I'll give you a call about it.

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