Monday, February 23, 2009

Mag Report - simply jr hi newsletter from Group - Jan09

For some reason I deleted the email or didn't get emailed the new Simply junior high newsletter from Group for the month of Jan but I was able to find it by doing some searches on Group's web site. I hope that I get the Feb one soon. Here are some of my thoughts about last month's newsletter:

What I liked: I really resonated with Christopher Tafalla's The Veteran's Voice. We have a number of different opportunities for middle school youth to get involved in ministry here at NCBC and that is what Mr. Tafalla seams to be saying.

I think this might be just my setting but I don't really think many middle school kids (especially the boys) would like the idea of holding hands while praying together. That is why I don't think Sarah Lanier's prayer idea "Squeeze & Pass" would work. But her "Pair up" idea was excellent and one I will be suggesting to my prayer leaders to break down their groups more efffectively.

Key statement: Christopher Tafalla asked this great question: "Is there anything adults are doing in your ministry that junior highers could do instead?"

Something creative: Vanessa Miles "Icebreaker: Funny Pics" is a great idea but I think I would try doing the same idea live in front of the group. - thx Vanessa

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