Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks Giving in Kansas 2008

I'm extremely behind in updating my blog and so I'm trying to catch up a little.

For the Thanks giving week my family and I got a chance to take a trip to Kansas to be with my family. We start out on Nov 25th by giving my wonderful wife of 15 years a "Birthday Van" instead of a "Birthday Card." We decorated our van with stickers and signs that said, "Birthday mom on board." It was a lot of fun traveling to Kansas with the van looking like this and we had a number of people honk at us to say happy birthday to my wife - she loved it.

For the rest of the week we enjoyed spending time with a lot of my family, eating turkey, playing in snow, riding horses, being at my Aunt's farm, played board games with my brother more than we have in a very long time, and of course watching football. I love my family very much and they really made the time there fun, relaxing, and enjoyable
(if you want to see some pictures of the trip please click on the picture of Lindsey riding a horse)

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