Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Live Bible from Group

Group sent me a couple their new live Bibles to use in my ministry and asked if I would share a little review here on my blog. I didn’t want to just look over these Bibles and then just make a quick comment so I used them during our church wide eXchange series that we just finished part 2 of here at NCBC.

Here are my thoughts:
- The extra comments that are spread all over the live Bible are insightful but yet digestible for youth to read. I feel they help explain or encourage youth to go deeper in their reading.
- I like all the extra inputs throughout the live Bible from youth for youth to read.
- The pictures and “creative space” spatter throughout the live Bible is a great touch thou I would have liked more “creative space” to write in.
- All the little extras that are in it – stickers, poems, dictionary/concordance, etc are great. I would have liked to see some maps spatter in it so that the reader could have a understanding of where some of the actions of the Bible happened.
- I really really liked that there is a place for youth to go to ( and ask questions, see other youth’s questions, and get some thoughts on all things Bible from a youth’s point of view.

I recommended this live Bible to our monthly youth fellowship we have here in the greater Cedar Rapids, Iowa area first of this month and recommended it to anyone who is looking for a Bible to give to a youth.

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