Monday, November 03, 2008

prayers this last month - Oct 08

Another month has gone by and it has been an interesting one. I've been going through the book of proverbs for my personal time alone with God and it has been wonderful. I'm placing here some of my prayers that I typed after reading proverbs:

Lord, may I be a willing instrument in your hand, ready for rebuke where it is needed and love where it is needed.

Lord, may I search for your wisdom as if I was looking for a great treasure.

Lord, may I search for your wisdom so that it may direct my ways and paths.

Lord, may only words of wisdom and encouragement come from my lips all the days of my life.

Lord, may I keep away from the sins that ensnare me through your strength.

Lord, thank you for parents and their dedication to raise their kids right.

Lord, may you find me hating evil and all that joins with her. Open my eyes to be discerning always.

Lord, when people see me or hear about me I pray they will think of your righteousness.

Lord, I pray for my intern, may her deep desire to go where the greatest of needs are at happen in her life so that you might be honored.

Lord, I want to be a good neighbor, help me pls.

Lord, may the words that come out of my mouth bring you glory and other's truth and joy.

Heavenly Father today is yours - we've planned - now you lead and we will follow.

Lord, may I never be a fool that keeps bringing up the past but that I keep learning from wise people.

Lord, may the words I say be deep and flowing out of your love and truth.

Lord, may I keep eating up your word and may you keep putting it out there.

Lord, may you balance me to sacrifice where I you want me to and help me to always look for what is "right and just."

Lord, I don't want to be rich but just to be wise in your ways - help me to do that.

Lord may I be an instrument in your hands to rescue those being led to slaughter and death.

Lord, may I be known as one who never paid someone back for doing wrong to me.

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