Monday, November 03, 2008

Book Report – Jim & Casper go to Church by Jim Henderson & Matt Casper

I picked up the book "Jim & Casper go to Church" because of a number of recommendations from all the blog reading I do. I have to say that it was basically what I thought it would be. I read this book some time ago but have hesitated to blog a report about it because I’m not too excited about this book and that concerns me. What I share later on in my concern section for this book is the main reason why I’ve waited. I have one concern and two take aways about the book:

Concern – Jim Henderson (the Pastor) was challenged by Matt Casper (the Atheist) when Jim proposed to write this book with Matt. “I’m currently an atheist, Jim. I say currently because I am open to the possibility that I may learn something that will change my point of view. Jim, can you say “I am currently a Christian’ and be as open-minded as me?” Jim said, “I nodded, Yes. Let’s write a book.” My concern -is this a true statement from Jim? Putting this down on my blog concerns me because I can hear many people read in to my thoughts here. I can hear people say “I’m not open minded and not willing to hear other ideas. That I’m calling Jim a liar and that he just wanted to write a book.” This isn’t my heart at all – but I know for myself I couldn’t answer that question the way Jim did. Does that mean I have a closed mind?

Take away 1 – I totally agree with Jim’s thoughts that we need to change our language as a church. “We can’t expect to change the church simply by giving it a new set of clothes; we need a new kind of language, too.” I wonder what that language is? I look forward to hear other people’s ideas of what that language is.

Take away 2 – “Ordinary Christians like me know that when you start defending the faith, you also start losing your friends.” I have often felt like every time I was suppose to share the gospel with my friends I was taking a chance of losing their friendship. I often told myself (and heard others tell me) that this was part of the sacrifice I would have to make when I shared the gospel. I never really liked that and didn’t think that was what God placed me on this earth to do – to lose friends for the gospel. I have “lost friends” who I want nothing more than for them to go to heaven some day and if that means I need to be willing to “share with them” (have an open dialog) instead of “defend what I believe” (have them only listen to what I say) with them I’m all for it.

Again, I hesitate to put this on my blog but since I only have a few people who read it any way I really shouldn’t be too concerned. "Jim & Casper go to Church" certainly made me think and I’m glad I read it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Mark,
I understand completely what your saying. But didn't Jesus say that His word and the gospel would divide and that the world would hate us, because the world hated Him first?
I know I have got to get over the idea of rejection with people because I share the gospel with them. Its very selfish of me to feel that way.
He who has ears to hear and eyes to see, that's who will receive the gospel.
Your brother in Christ, Joe Meyer

Mark E. Eades said...

Thx Joe,

I to fight the idea that if I share I will get regected because that isn't what we are called to deal with. The book has caused a number of conversation the past couple of months that have been healthy for me and I hope it will cont to do that.

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