Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Book report - Dragons in our Midst (4 book series)

I got a chance to go on a mission trip this last summer with 10 great middle school kids. We went with Groupworkcamps & it was wonderful (you can click here to a blog post of that wonderful trip). One of the “extras” that I got from these kids was a book series almost all of them were reading. Bryan Davis' book series "Dragons in our Midst." It's a four book series that has taken me through a Christian sci/fy experience.

There were two major reasons why I dropped all the book's I have lined up for me to read and started to read this series:
1 - I really enjoy science fiction and these books were in that genre
2 - Many middle school kids reading these books were reading them like there was nothing else to do and that said something to me (I had to scold two of them on the mission trip for reading them when they should have been sleeping).

Here is my short review of this series. To me Bryan Davis’ “Dragons in our Midst” has all the elements of a good sci-fy series: Dragons, swords, young heroes, very evil bad guys, modern day stuff, mid-evil time stuff & much more. I really enjoyed how Mr. Davis created the relationships in the different stories. Bonnie and Billy are two main characters that you can really relate to. Most of these stories made it feel like they were happening in our current world setting and that made it very hard for me to put down.

One key part that really stood out to me was how much Mr. Davis puts out Biblical truths throughout all of the books. In these books Mr. Davis gives voice to God's truth through the main characters. Even the dragons want the readers to know that it isn’t by their strength that different things happen but God working through them. "Dragons in our Midst" is a great series and I would recommend it to anyone to read (my wife and daughter are on book 2 right now and I’ve caught both of them reading later than they should way to often!).


Bryan Davis said...

Thank you for mentioning my books. I'm glad you and your students enjoy them so much.

The next time I'm in Cedar Rapids (my brother-in-law lives there), I would love to stop by and speak to your class.

Bryan Davis

Mark E. Eades said...

Sounds like a plan to me Mr Davis. Just let me know and we could arange it.

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