Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mag Report - GROUP (Nov-Dec 2008)

I'm actually putting down my review for the newest GROUP magazine before sharing my review of Groups newest simply jr hi newsletter. Just how it came together for me this time.

What I liked: Both myself and our young adult pastor (Erin Bird) enjoyed Les Christie's article "lessons learned from a youth group reunion." Erin told me that he really liked point 3 of question 5 about long lasting influences on a kids life. I also enjoyed question 1's point 1 about the importance of genuine relationships. Great article Les - Thx

???: I enjoyed Doug Fields' interview with Jeff Maguire but I did have a "How" question that I thought of from the interview. How does one prepare youth pastors for highs and lows of relationship ministry? I agree this needs to happen but is there any other way to prepare youth pastor except with time in ministry?

Key statement: Steve Merritt shared a short article on counseling that had a great statement: "Truly understanding another is one of the best ways to loosen the nasty grip of loneliness."

Something creative: the website suggestion - is really a neat idea and could have some useful ministry applications.

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