Monday, November 10, 2008

Book report - generation change

Zach Hunter has been all over the place and I've heard Marko at Youth Specialties highly recommends him a number of times. This book Generation Change was a great recommendation and I've got a chance to finally read it. Here is a couple observations I had about this book:

1) In chapter 9 "Clothes" Zach says, "For many people in our world, it's not about choosing which pair of shoes to wear, it's about having any shoes to wear..." Working with Middle school kids this statement really resonates with me. Our kids really have little to know idea of what the majority of youth their age in this world deal with on a daily bases. I think it is my job to communicate that truth to our kids - and I do.

2) I really really appreciated Zach's thoughts on not separating our need for Jesus and the world's need for us to be like Jesus in it. "I don't think we can separate our call to change the world from our call to share the truth about Jesus and his sacrifice for people. God calls us not to one or the other, but to both." I would change only one part of this statement. We can't separate the two - both must happen or neither will.

I really enjoyed this book and have a number of 8th grade leaders that I will be recommending this book to. I'm also going to share some of the idea that were shared in this book to our group to try and do.

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