Monday, October 06, 2008

prayers this last month - Aug/Sep 08

I haven't had a chance to do a 1/2 day spiritual retreat in the last couple of months so this is a 2 month prayer list. I found it very interesting as I went through the books of Acts and Romans that the idea that God's grace is so important. That life isn't about me and my “good things” or “bad things” but about God's grace. I'm to love Him and to love others and let that be my main focus of life.

Lord, penetrate my heart and mind with your word & may I be open to what you have planned to teach me through it.
Lord, I'm confused and need your guidance in my life.

Lord, I'm not sure if I'm relying on you enough - I'm not - help me move to a more reliance on you in my life.

Lord, open my mind to do whatever you want me so I might be the Mark Eades you want me to be on this earth.

Lord, be with me as I try my best to honor you with my simple life.

Lord, I want to be a responsible man for You, show me another step I can take to keep doing this.

Lord, I want to have a clear conscience of always serving You but I wonder if my personal evaluation of a clear conscience is wrong.

Lord, I want what you want not what I want - put me where you think is best and I will be content.

Lord, thank for making me - me!

Lord, may I learn even more about You.

Lord, I pray that I'm a useful tool in your hands at all times and places that you have me at.

Lord, I have such a passion for your truth to be know, help me make that passion even strong that it consumes me.

Lord, thank you for being angry about TRUTH not being taken care of may I transfer my thoughts and deeds onto that idea instead of thinking it's all about terrible/sinner me.

Lord, you are my deep desire and I want to praise you always.

God, thank you for reminding me it is all about Jesus and not about me.

Lord, may my life be about my faith in You.

Lord, may hope rain on this journey of life that you have put me on.

Lord, I want to live for you with all that I am but I can only do that because of the sacrifice your son made for me - may I always remember that and focus on that & not myself.

Lord, my I focus all my attention on you so that sin will never take a hold on me.

Lord, I humbly come before you wanting to be all about Spiritual things.

Lord, I want to say "no" to my desires and yes to living all out for you.

Lord, keep me ever mindful of the truth that there is nothing that can separate me from you - nothing!

Lord, help me remember to review Rom 9 again soon.

Lord, open my eyes to your truth and grace and may I start to understand, pls.

Thank you Lord for loving me with an "undeserved kindness."

Lord, take over, direct, and may I follow your ever step - I need you so much LORD.

Thank you Lord for having such mercy for all of us.

Lord, may my flesh be an instrument for good and not evil - help me stay focused on you.

Lord, may I remember you in all that I do - including when I put clothes on for the day.

Lord, may my life be about you and you alone.

Lord, open my eyes to where I need to finish things and where I need to start things - may it all be about you.

Lord, may I greet people warmly and openly for your glory.

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Robin said...

Thanks Mark! These prayers are such a treasure!

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