Wednesday, October 01, 2008

first 8th grade night for 2008-09

Lesson Topic: 2 Tim 4:7&8 (the 8th grade verse)
Attendance: Above Average - we had a great turn out of kids tonight
'Fun Factor': Ok - played a great game but did it outside (to cold & too large of an area to play on)
Volunteer Involvement: Above Average - the sponsors are really wanting to be here every wed night
Music: Average - tried a couple new songs and the kids had a hard time following it
Lesson Quality: Excellent - the two girls (see above) were awesome
Length of Lesson: 30 min - it didn't feel this long
Student Response: Great. At the end the 6th & 7th graders prayed over the 8th graders.
Favorite statement of the night: Keep the Faith it's worth it.

Tonight things were clicking along pretty well for a night controlled by the 8th graders. Got some pictures (click on the pic above to see a short slide show) and also showed a couple great promo videos. The promo vidoe are below for your enjoyment:

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