Sunday, July 13, 2008

MS Mission trip - Day 1

Well we are here and it has already been great. With a wonderful send off from NCBC last week during all services and a great prayer time with the parents today we are in Minneapolis, MN ready to get some sleep and then start our first day tomorrow. We are staying at a wonderful church called Richfield United Methodist Church and they have a heart to reach out to their community with Christ love.

The theme of this year group work camps is "Love Out Loud" and here is a little thought from the book they gave us:

"Jesus' love for people was sacrificial. It was public. It was clear. It was loud." Good stuff.

Tomorrow I hope to share where our two teams (we are broken down into two teams of 6) went to serve.

I put a few pictures up on my flickr account (just click the picture to see a slide show or click here to see it). Below are a few statements from the kids that made my day:

- My suitcase and eat your suitcase for breakfast
- What? I'm not supposed to do that?
- Killer super frog takes out all during Debbie turn
- I'm really having a great time
- The drive here was the best part of the trip so far

I hope to post each day but can't promise because I'm working with a slower computer.


Gina K. said...

thanks, Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark E. Eades said...

Your Welcome Gina!

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