Monday, August 18, 2008

prayers this last month - Jul 08

I'm behind a little with my prayer update because this has been the busiest summer of my life.

I've been going in a different direction this past month and it will continue for the next couple of months in my devotional time. This is effecting how my simple prayers are being made. Two things have changed:
1) I'm reading through the books of Acts and Romans with the CEV (contemporary English version).
2) I'm doing my devotionals with a focus on personal growth.

Here is the prayers I've wrote because of these changes:

Lord, may I connect with the people you have surrounded me with better. Help me to grow in this area.

Lord, I have know you since I was little - am I growing the way you want me to?

Lord, may I be about doing your "wonderful things."

Lord, help me to see people I can learn from and then help me to develop relationships with those people so that we can learn together.

Lord, thank you for sending Your son, thank you for blessing me through Him, and thank you for making it possible for me to turn away from my sin.

Lord, I want only what you want for my life - open my eyes to see you work.

Lord, my I be your instrument to confront where you need me to confront - that includes in my own life. May I do it in your timing but my I also be loving and caring in your timing as well.

Lord, I want to be open to You and only you but sometimes you use others - help me discern. Lord, my I be your subject no matter where or what I am doing.

Lord, help me to stay balanced and my all around me only see love and respect for you in my life.

Lord, I'm sorry - change me & molded me into something useful instead of this thing that am.

Lord, point me in the direction you want me to go - study by myself, with other people's influence, or a combination of both - I need you to guide me, pls.

Lord, may you put scales on my eyes if I keep being so cruel to you and others. Open my eyes to see You and only You.

Lord, I want to be your servant no matter what - but I'm too weak & too much of a wimp - help me Lord I need your strength.

Lord, I want to be all about you to the point that people see the change and are affected by the change.

Lord, take away the junk so I might be a useful tool in your hands.

Lord, may I look to you only - even if I have great men of God around me may I only see You. Lord, put a desire in my heart to share your truth by praying and caring for my kids, my family, my church, and my community.

Lord, I need your direction in my life, I have committed to focus on you and what you have placed me on this earth to do and to be less selfish, help me Lord, PLS.

Lord, may I be all about you until my body decays because of working for you Lord, you know all things and you help us through all things - open my eyes to understand what faithful suffering really is.

Lord, I thank you for sending the Holy Spirit in to this Gentiles (Mark Eades) life, may I be all that You want me to be.

Lord, open my eye to see you in a different light, may you cut me where I need to be cut so that I can be just that much more useful for Your glory.

Thank you Lord, for making it possible for me to find you, for being close, forgive me power to live, move, and making me-me.

Lord, penetrate my heart and mind with your word & may I be open to what you have planned to teach me through your word.

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