Monday, September 01, 2008

Simple Thoughts

I have a sick son and have been up since 3:30am. That isn't so bad but I really don't like seeing my kids go through sickness. As I was helping my son through his last round of yuk I thought of a few things:

1) I've really enjoyed this recent series "It's Super Simply" it's one that I really think the kids need to hear.

2) Having a middle schooler in my home has been something I've been looking forward to since Lindsey came into our lives. This next 3 years is going to be a ride.

3) I'm reading through a book series called "Dragons in our Midst." I'm on book 2 (The Candlestone) and I'm enjoying it. But I've found a lot of my regular middle schoolers love it.

4) NCBC has been going through the book of Romans in a series called - Exchange and it has open my spiritual eyes to things I've never thought of before.

5) Sep, Oct, & Nov is suppose to be our "ez" months - but I find it is more of a shift from a summer of being with kids to a fall of being with kids.


Bryan Davis said...

I'm glad you and the students are enjoying Dragons in our Midst. I visited several schools in Cedar Rapids in May, so it's great to hear that kids are reading my books!

Mark E. Eades said...

Bryan - thx for the comment. At least for little Cedar Rapids you have a group of kids who really enjoys reading your books and I'm talking them up with other kids.

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