Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mag Report - simply jr hi newsletter from Group - Aug08

I enjoy anything about middle school youth and this newsletter is a highlight for me when it comes in the mail. Now it will come to me electronically which I can start putting the whole newsletter into Evernote instead of just these simple blog posts I do - kewl - Thanks Group.

What I liked: Darryl Nelson – Partnering with Parent’s article reinforced what we do in the IMPACT ministry here at NCBC. His list of four imperatives of working with parents are hug & ones we use:
“1) As youth pastors we are not replacements for the parents – AMEN!
2) We exist to come alongside parents as they raise their kids.
3) Parents like to be informed.
4) Parents need to be encouraged.”

???: Kurt Johnston’s – Building youth ministry article is right on the money but some of his ideas are hard to balance between them. Like when he suggests that you connected young college kids with more mature parent volunteers to work with the kids and his idea to plug each volunteer into an area that they are gifted at is not an easy balance to do. Sometimes you have to prioritize what is the best way to ministry to the kids, parents, and volunteers and that isn’t easy to do.

Key statement: I was very encouraged by Kurt’s pray for us middle school/jr hi guy/gals in the Soul of a leader:
“Lord, may my brothers and sisters find themselves serving you in a setting that brings passion. And may their passion for ministry be smaller than their passion for you. May they burn long and bright for your kingdom. Amen.”

Something creative: Amanda Read’s – Discussion starter in the Plug ‘N Play was just brilliant and I’m sure that will become useful in a lesson we share in IMPACT.

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