Thursday, July 17, 2008

MS Mission trip - Day 5

Well, here it is and I can so believe it is done and then I can't believe it is ending. Tomorrow we will wake early and head home to lovely Cedar Rapids, IA. I want to share with you some statements from the kids:

1) I want to come back and do this again next year - a soon to graduate 8th grader
2) I'm so glad I went on this trip - a soon to be 7th grader
3) I got to know these friends better than I have ever know them
4) I felt like I was really listen to and my ideas were smart - a soon to be 7th grader
5) How can we do this when we get home? We just need to love out loud.

And that is what we have done all week and what these young men and ladies are looking forward to doing when they get home.

The pictures are of some of the final things the group did so please click on the picture above and watch a short slide show. Then on July 18th come join the group at 2pm in the middle school room for a short (20 min max) slide show and open mic sharing - you don't want to miss this.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures ... thanks Mark! It's good to be able to feel a little connected via your blog entries. Really looking forward to seeing all of you (especially Gabe and Abby!) tomorrow.


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