Monday, July 21, 2008

Mag Report - GROUP (Jul-Aug 2008)

Another GROUP magazine has landed on my desk and I've had a great time reading through it. Each time I get this magazine I discover at least one good idea or thought that I work in to the Middle School ministry here at NCBC. But this time I've found at four great ideas and I have already used one on our middle school mission trip with Group work camps.

What I liked: As I already said, I really liked Volume 34 of GROUP and choosing just one thing I liked was hard. But reading through Mark DeVries stuff has always been a joy for me and so I have to say his interview with Doug Fields and his & Jeff Dunn-Rankin's article "the fix" are my first choice of things I liked.

???: I really liked the interviews of different youth leaders in the article "Do as I say, Not as I did." The only one I didn't really get was "Just check the Box." I've been on a number of trips and getting the rental companies insurance has never been something we invested in. I think it is very important that when planning any trip that all possible insurance claims are looked at and covered. If that is where this article was going I totally agree.

Key statement: Kurt Johnston said, "Boys and girls come into our ministries, but young men and young women leave” concerning what happens in middle school ministry and I so totally agree.
Something creative: I really liked the idea by Fred Mitchell called "shine youth light" and plan on using that idea in the upcoming school year. Thanks Fred.

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