Monday, June 09, 2008

prayers this last month - May 08

This past month's prayers came from my devotionals in I Corinthians. I'm not finished with the book but this has been a great read for me. It has reinforced some of my thoughts, stepped on my toes more than I would like, and given me a lot of "mind fodder" for personal growth and growth for the middle school ministry.

Lord, open my eyes to the things I'm doing (and not doing) that cultivate a community for you.

Lord, may I not rely on anything from man but only in you.

Lord, may your wisdom & truth play out and be magnified.

Lord, open my eyes to how I am treating your temple and may I stop or keep going based on that.

Lord, thank you for my mom and what she does & did for me but even more so thank you for your presence in her life and mine.

Lord, may I grow up well, by serving You, loving you, and receiving Your love.

Lord, help me deal with conflict and be ready to look it in the face and deal with it.

Lord, my I follow Your instructions and not give into my own personal whims.

Lord, my I be sensitive to your leading no matter if it is for physical health or spiritual health.

Lord, I know what I've done in the past and ask you to please forgive me for what I have done - make me white as snow so that I might glorify you.

Lord, help me to focus on what is important - YOU - and not on all the stuff that the world thinks is important.
Lord, open my eyes to see you work in my life and that I might be your servant in all that I say and do.

I wonder... Lord, I want to be humble and simple before You but I also want to be strong and courageous for you as well - how do I balance those?

Lord, I need you, I'm compelled to share your truth but I seem to focus too much on self - fix me LORD, PLS Lord, help me to focus on "God-confidence" and not "self-confidence" - always.

Lord, open my eyes to the idol's I have placed in front of you and take them from me.

Lord, may I live well for you by serving you and others with all that I have.

Lord, you made all things and we are to honor you because of it - may you find me always honoring you.

Lord, open my eyes each time we do communion to realize and be humbled again to what you did for me on the cross.

Lord, may you find me using what you gave me to honor you and not follow the crowd.

Lord, help me explain to middle school kids how important each of them are in your body.

I want to know more about you and what you want me to do for you. Open my eyes to see you better.

Lord, open my mind and mouth to speak Your truth not only for me but for all you place in my life to hear me.

Lord, help me to keep it simple with a point.

Lord, open my eyes to see you in all that I say and DO.

Lord, may I take my turn to do and not do what you want.

Lord, thank you so much for what you did on the cross, in the grave, and on this earth I owe you my all.

Lord, open my mind to understand what you want me to understand so that I might be all that I need to be for you on this earth - and nothing more.

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