Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mag Report - simply jr hi newsletter from Group - Jun08

Another great Simply Jr Hi Newsletter and some more great advise for jr hi/middle school guys/gals like myself.

What I liked: Kurt's article "Developmental Doables" is a very quick summary of a great book called, "Primal Teen." This is a must read for anyone who works with adolescents (Click here for a review I did of the book). Kurt's suggestion "that kids may need us to 'act as their brains' at times" is right on the money for middle school kids.

???: Andy Jack's "Partnering w/Parents" article has three great suggestions. I would add one more - Keep Partnering with your children's ministry and what they are doing with your incoming middle school/jr hi kids. If we know what the kids and their parents have been exposed to in the children’s ministry then the more equipped we will be to impact the kids and their parents when they join us.

Key statement: from Kurt's "Better Question" - "Once we identify why we exist, our goal is to stay true to our reason for existing."

Something creative: Kurt and Scott's "chew on this" opening had a really LOL moment for me. Here is what made me laugh: Scott replied, "Man, I couldn't agree more about the Strong Adult Leader And Developer (I know how much you like acronyms at Saddleback, and that spells SALAD. So profound)" and so funny.

Thanks to Group and Simply Jr Hi for putting out this monthly newsletter. I really enjoy getting it and reading it.

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