Thursday, June 12, 2008

FLOOD OF 2008 - in Cedar Rapids, IA

To say that we have more water than I have ever seen (besides an ocean) would be an understatement. There is so much water here and there are so many people who have been affected by this flood that I even hesitate to blog about it. There are much better bloggers and reporters out their than me but I did want to at least put down some of my thoughts:
1) I thought that this was going to be series but nothing like what it is ever came to my mind. 2) The real work hasn't even begun.
3) I believe with all my heart that God has something plan that will blow everyone away because of this.
4) Please pray and help when and where you can - there is a lot that will have to happen
5) CR will never be the same and down town will physically change like never before.
I put a couple pictures on flicker if you want to see what I’ve seen (just click on the pic). These are pictures before the waters really got bad. The office picture is from our youth office here at NCBC that got water from all the rain we are having not the flood. It's our intern Lauren Darr from Huntington University and a friend of her's helping out. There is a lot more that can been seen by looking at the KCRG web site (one of our local TV stations).

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