Friday, June 13, 2008

what we did to day for the flood of 2008 in Cedar Rapids, IA

Well today was a day where we really got a chance to help. Mark Forstrom, Lauren Darr (our intern), Austin Spooner, and I went to the local 211 United Way information center to man phones for about 8 hours. It was very encouraging how many people wanted to help and donate to the flood victims. One of the hard calls I got was a lady who is on vacation and found out about the flood. She asked about her home and I sadly told her that her home was in the evacuation area. She cried on the phone and that was all I heard from her. I sure hope that when she gets home she will find a home to come to. The Lord is teaching me some things:

1) I must rely on Him - because there is no other place to turn to as it should be
2) There are ways to help and you have to keep looking for them
3) Praying for wisdom and endurance is a very smart thing to do

PS - the picture is of Lauren answering the phone for United Way

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