Monday, May 12, 2008

prayers this last month - Apr 08

On March's "prayers this last month" I wrote my longest blog post ever. I've moved back to my old format for April. I went through the book of Joshua and it was a wonderful read with thoughts for personal growth, ideas to share w/middle schoolers, and other key ideas. Here are the prayers from that devotional time:

Lord, when I'm discouraged help me see You even more - shine Lord.

Lord, may my story always reflect you to others and bring you glory.

Lord, please work in my life so that I might be part of a generation that will follow you without question.

Lord, may I follow your instructions to the letter even if it seems I walking into a raging river like the Jordan.

Lord, may I be with you in all things, to be your servant.

Lord, may you find me ready to obey.

Lord, help me to learn the lesson of Achan and not put stuff in front of You.

Lord, may I be able to continue the truth of your word to all that hear and meet me, but may they see You not me.

I'm sorry LORD, open my eyes to see what you want me to see. I don't want to miss it any more.

I want to live a life of honor before you Lord, may I be like the Israelite leaders in Joshua's time to honor what they said no matter what.

Lord, I trust you no matter what - You must do what is right but there are times that I'm really confused.

Lord, I know that change will happen and I pray that it will happen because of your will only.

LORD, open my eyes to see you and do not harden my heart - PLS!

LORD, thank you for using Joshua and may you find me as available than he.

Lord, may I be as you want me to be but if I may ask please let me be a middle school guy until I'm 85 yrs old or older so I might do what I'm on this earth for.

Lord, open my eyes to what I'm doing so that I don't wait when you want me to act and to wait when you want me to wait.

Lord, thank you for being my city of refuge for me.

Lord, I love you with all that I have may I keep that up and not stop, may I stay focused on You.

Lord, Joshua made it clear, "we will serve the LORD" and I say the same, may I serve until I die.

Lord, may I see you in all that is around me - not to worship - but to realize there is so much around me that has been a witness of your actions.

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