Monday, May 12, 2008

Mag Report - simply jr hi newsletter from Group - Mar08

I realized (thx to my admin) that I never read the very first simply junior high newsletter. I did that and I wanted to put some thoughts down about it.

What I liked: One big “I liked” was to see that Gary Hunt wrote the first “The Veteran’s voice” and that he is still around. I remember Gary from the time he shared at Liberty U. back in the day about working with Middle school youth. I still have “To Young to Drive to Old to Ride” (a book he wrote a long time ago w/his wife) and from Gary’s book I got the word “tweenager” that I use today to explain middle school youth to adults.

???: I don’t have anything that really was a huh moment as I read through this first issue. I was curious why Scott and Kurt started with Big Event discussion? Just interesting to me.

Key statement: Wayne Rice’s Q&A was great – Q6 was very powerful ; “…your (youth pastors) goal is not to get them (parent’s of middle schoolers) to help you succeed with their kids.”

Something creative: I really liked the funny YouTube suggestions that was brought up. Get this newsletter and you can find out about them.

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