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Prayers this last month - Mar 08

This is the longest post I have ever put on here. I'm not for long post because I don't believe they really get read. The two main reasons I'm making this post are: One, to have a place for me to go back to and read my own thoughts. Two, for the 3 or 4 people who have said they enjoy reading my "Prayers this last month" posts.

Last month I finished Phillip Yancey's book on “Prayer" (click here to see my report). In his book he suggested that his readers re-write psalms in their own words. Below is my first attempt to do that. I took Psalms 1-16 and rewrote it in my own words. This is my paraphrase and I used Eugene Peterson's paraphrase "The Message" Bible, so it is a paraphrase of a paraphrase. I understand that this is nothing more than my thoughts and ideas. But this has been a great exercise for me not only because it has me reading the Bible but also it has me studying and sometimes applying (in a personal way) the truths I've read.

March 7, 2008 LORD, my I be a man that will not be with wicked men, or be around sinners, or spend time with bad mouths. Instead my I think about your truths all the time, may they be my delight. I want to be a useful servant of yours, LORD. May you find me strong and fruitful for you. The wicked are useless and just blow away. They cannot be judges of righteous. LORD, I know you will see all that is right and remove all that is wicked, in my life - may it be so.

March 8, 2008 So many world leaders and their people want to go against God. Why are they doing this - Lord? They believe they can remove you from their lives. You laugh and then you respond - "I make the rulers and I remove the rulers."

March 11, 2008 O LORD you will celebrate with me, like a Birthday. Willing to give anything and allowing me to do anything with your gifts. WOW!! So, I must use my head and learn my lessons. I need to embrace GOD in worship and celebration. O God you are calling me to honor you or my life is in danger. I will run to God and will not regret doing that.

March 12, 2008 Lord, there are so many bad guys around me who say "Your God can't help you, you are ours!" But You are all around me, you strengthen and ground me, I call on you and you answer - with thunder. Because You have strengthened me I am able to rest (fully rested - like after a good night sleep) and I'm ready for what the bad guys have planned. Here they come Lord, get them with your hands. You are my help, my real help. You cover me with your blessings just like clothes cover people.

March 13, 2008 Lord, I'm in trouble again. Help me as you did before, PLS! Bad guys - what are you thinking. Will you ever stop your lies and fake living? The Lord hears me and responds to me when I call - quickly. You can whine all you want but do it inside not out. Put together your plan and then wait on God for His response. You guys always asking for more stuff but God has given His grace to us and that is much more than anything you can get. Thank you Lord that I might rest in you and in that Godly rest you put me back together.

March 14, 2008 Lord, I need you. I'm crying out for you pls listen to me. It's early Lord and here I am again sharing my life with you. You don't listen to anyone who is wicked, evil, full of themselves, or people who cause problems for others.

March 16, 2008 My God, you wipe out speakers of lies; you can't stand people who manipulate the truth. As your guest (WOW! I'm a guest of God) of your home I lay before you waiting for instructions to get through all those manipulators of the truth. For they really have changed the truth, those evil minded self seekers hurt anyone. Remove them Lord, let their own words destroy them. Oh Father, you have welcomed us with open arms and protect us through your party. You, who are famous, brought us in and decked us out for your delight.

March 17, 2008 Lord, I've not heard you yell or clearly rebuke me before - do I need that? Lord, I'm scared of these verses where David talks about you no letting up and him being black and blue from you. Help me understand if that is what you want from me but I'm scared. Lord, get me to where you want me to be and help me to be secure in you there. Am I any good to you dead or alive, buried deep can I sing to you?

March 18, 2008 My tear filled prayers that have socked everything of mine have finally been heard from my LORD now the evil one's crew will fly from me. LORD, you have heard and granted all my prayers and my enemies have turned into cowards and have run away, thank you LORD.

March 19, 2008 Lord, sometimes I feel like I'm being attacked from so many different sides from so many different people and situations. Please LORD come to me and save me from all this stuff. But Lord, if what they say is true than don't do anything to me. Let all the attacks from all the sides hit me all at once and my I be left for nothing.

March 20, 2008 LORD, their everywhere and they are ready to judge me. Now is Your time to show them who is the real Judge. Let the court be open, may You decide, take care of all the false stuff and my I be innocent in Your eyes. Take care of evil, God, and make it clear Your guidelines for everyone. You are pruning us and making us ready for a real life. Because of this I'm ready because of You; I'm safe and sound in Your hands.

Mar 23, 2008 - Easter (the earliest Easter I will ever experience in my life time)
LORD, you don't let anything get past you. You are able to so what is right always with a confidence that cannot be moved. You are ready for anything. Your sword and bow & arrow are ready for battle. Two different kinds of people - one consumed by limitless sex and lying, the other is so focused on himself that his pit is deep and he has fallen in. They will only receive kickback for all of the evil they are producing. Lord, my I never be that way. You alone God has made things right in my life and in all who honors and focuses on You. I will sing with all my voice to you - famous One.

March 24, 2008 Your name my God is wonderful and splendid. You are glory itself and You place Your glory above all. I, as Your child, will praise You always and with this praise You have done away the evil of many enemies. Lord, I walk outside at night and see how big the earth is compared to me and then I think of how small the earth compared to the universe is and I wonder? What am I to You, I am nothing, not even a nate in comparison to You? Yet you care for me! You create all men, including me, to be just below Your angels and with You in me You choice to send Your glory through me. You have made me a leader, a servant leader, to guide those around me. All that is around me are for me to use to bring You glory. Everything from animal, plants, water, earth, etc. You name my God is wonderful and splendid.

March 26, 2008 Most awesome God - You are worthy of praise and glory. You have filled my heart with such joy that I can't stop praising you in many different ways. My problems are falling apart because of You. They stumble into nothingness. You have always been around and I feel that. You are in power of all and that gives me such courage and hope. The sports game has been cleaned up in a way it has never been before. All the dirty, low down, evil, back stabbing, bad guys are gone from the game. The game is fun to watch & play and it is all because of You.

March 27, 2008 God see's all and even though the world is all messed up He makes it right. He sets everyone right - everyone will get what they deserve. The hard pressed can go to Him and have a place to relax. I can relax and not worry about anything. A song I would sing about God. It tells of His story of finding evil ones but yet keeping a steady eye on all of us, even me. That song will be declared everywhere, and I will lead it. Hallelujah to You my LORD, You take care of me after a long and hard day of being beat up.

Mar 28, 2008 Those who focus on other things are trapped and unable to move because their own feet are in their traps. They have made a choice to work against God's plan and that has caused them to be trapped and heading to endless separation from their creator. The poor will be known and the humble will be seen. Those trapped will be exposed for who they really are, and we will see how silly their "reality" really is.

Mar 30, 2008 Lord, I need You and it seems like You are staying away from me - help! There is so much evil and evil people around me, they are doing anything and everything that is against the poor and the true. Lord, they are saying you are dead or that You don't exist at all. They wait to destroy all who oppose them.

Mar 31, 2008 What can be done LORD, You feel so far - as if you have left us hanging on a limb. The poor and truth honorers are looking for You to move. The ask, "is God going to let them get away with all their evil?" But I know Your answer - the poor and truth honoerers will understand that You will deal with every evil out there. It will be as if You break their limbs and destroy everything evil. The poor, the orphan, the homeless, the needed will no longer suffer - but the evil one's will suffer constantly and their rule will be over.

April 1, 2008 I'm confused sometimes. I feel like I'm so tight with God that it's like I've ran with all my might right into His arms. But then I feel like I need to run away because of all the evil that is hitting me from all sides. But God still is holding me - He hasn't left. When I feel like all this evil is on me - I need to know that God is still watching carefully everything that is going on. He is watching both the good & the bad and knows what anyone (including me) is doing. He will give us test and see if we can make it. If we can't -- watch out -- it's not good. But God really wants to straighten us up, to stand firm and confident in Him. And once we are firm we can be with Him completely.

April 2, 2008 Lies are storming in from everywhere LORD and the last good man and friend is gone. God, please take care of those liars, be extreme about it. LORD, I'm tired of all the lies. I really really am. LORD, Your words are the right words that I so need to hear, let me hear them in a way that they stick to me like super glue. God, keep the liars away from me, there are so many and there are so many lies. The lies are becoming like truth, may it not be for me.

April 3, 2008 - family to the water park today and tomorrow My LORD, how long will I wait to really hear and find You in my life? I'm so looking for You but I can't seem to find You. I'm so tired, tired to death. LORD, there are those around me who say they have taken You out - that You are no more. Help me LORD! I know the truth, the truth that You are always around; in my heart You are my salvation. I will sing to You, for you are good to me.

April 4, 2008 There are so many who say, "there is no God." You O LORD look for someone who doesn't say that and find no one. They are all corrupt. Lord, may you find in me one who is calling on you always. All these people come down on people like me and devour me like they would be eating bread. But God is with the righteous, those that they devour, and He will be with them always. Just like Jacob and Israel who rejoiced in the LORD, so will those who are poor and are the devoured will be able to rejoice in the LORD and be glad!

April 5, 2008 Lord, I want to join you at your dinner table how do I do that? "Stay true in all you do, take care of others, don't like evil things, & be honest in all your dealings." "Do this and you can come?"

April 6, 2008 I'm so glad that I've ran to you with all I got. I am nothing without You. Because of You I have wonderful friends. You are it. There are so many others gods out there that say, "I’m it" but they are nothing. I choice You and no other. I'm Your son and heir to all that You want for me. Thank You LORD! God, You are my wise counsel and I know this because day and night you stick with me. I know I'm on the right path and staying with You keeps me going towards Your wonderful light. My path is a path away from hell and towards Your radianances. You took me in and I am on the right road.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I stumbled upon your blog and I must say this scares the crap out of me! Sounds like you need to go live with the mormons in their compound with big walls and fences to keep the "evil" world out. Unbelievable!!

Mark E. Eades said...

WOW! anonymous. I'm surprised you would take the time to read this. My goal wasn't to scare anyone so sorry about that but to share how I looked at Psalms and paraphrased it. Hope I didn't offended you.

Robin said...

Wow is right! I just finished talking to Haley N. and we were talking about making lists of things we want to remember. I thought of your many prayer blogs(that I love) and decided to go through them and clue Haley in on a few that tie into what we were talking about. Then I ran across this one which I somehow missed when it first came out. I can see how if you don't know Jesus and His Word that instead of finding comfort from these incredible verses you may have fear. Let's hope anonymous one day finds that comfort.

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