Monday, May 19, 2008

Jr Hi ministry questions

Getting together with a good friend of mine who is a jr hi youth pastor in Iowa City. He sent me a set of questions for us to talk over tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to talking with him. I've invited another jr hi guy from here in Cedar Rapids to join us so I'm even more excited about the 3 of us going over these questions.

I'm placing his questions here and would enjoy reading your thoughts. Here are his questions:

Looking forward to talking with you tomorrow. I have a few questions to bounce off you…

- Part-time Staff or Intern Workers: Where do you like to recruit from: with in the church, outside ministries, bible colleges? What process do you go through to get help? Etc.

- What are the purposes of each of your weekly programs and how do you carry them out?

- What’s your thought on getting kids to read the bible, pray, memorize scripture, come to church, bring your bible to church?

- What do you think about a rewards based ministry for doing the above?

- What’s your opinion of Awana for Jr. Highers?

Hopefully not too difficult of questions. I have some adults I’m trying to lead and they feel strongly about some of these things.

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