Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mag Report - GROUP (May-Jun 2008)

The new GROUP Magazine (if you would like to get this great magazine just click on the picture) came out a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t get a chance to finish it until tonight. I enjoyed the read and there are a couple things (see below) that I will go back and look at again.

What I liked: With our first every middle school mission trip with GROUP Work Camps coming up this July the little write up by Jeff Thompson “Prepare for the After” really stood out to me. I like the idea that we have to “plan times to discuss and ask reflective questions…” about our trip. Looking forward to doing that with our kids.

???: I really went back and forth with Steve Case’s article “Spiritual disciplines for teenagers.” I really liked this article on what we could do to help our kids with spiritual disciplines. But how he put it made me feel like I’m really not a very good guy and that I’ve set up my kids to fail. This is probably me and I like having my toes stepped on if it will move me to being a better Mark Eades on this earth, but I’m just not sure if this article did that or just hurt my toes some.

Key statement: Fred Whaples said, “It’s not about us – it’s all about how to connect the Word, that never returns void, to every teenager.” In his article “How to Deepen the Impact of your teaching.”

Something creative: Interestingly the creative thing that stood out to me was an add for the XP3 “more than a curriculum” stuff. It made me not only check out the web site ( but also made it feel more personal.

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