Saturday, April 12, 2008

Willow Creek Shift Experence 2008 - part 6 (final)

Well it is a day later and I'm eating meatballs with my boys. Mom has been gone all day (she is doing creative memories) and Lindsey is with an improve group that is doing a show later tonight practicing. So I thought it would be good to make some final thoughts about the shift experience. Kara Powell and Dan Kimball were excellent.

Kara laid out some clear guidelines and practical ideas to impact kids here and now. Kara gave four great questions to think about:
What gospel am I feeding kids?
Are students’ doubts welcome at our table?
How can our kids take their place at God’s diverse kingdom table?
How can I train students to feed themselves after graduation?

I think for the ministry I’m in all four questions are very useful. To fulfill the last question middle school ministry really need to think of them as the starting ground to getting students to feed themselves.

Dan Kimball was my favorite of the whole group of speakers. Here is some of the thoughts I put down from him:

The good news that is going on:
There is a growing interest in Jesus in our emerging culture

The bad news that is going on:
There is a growing disinterest in “Christianity” and “church”

The rest of the good news:
Most churches and Christians are not what the perceptions are

Well I’m about to leave with the kids for a great time at improve. The shift experience was one that I won’t forget any time soon as it made me think differently than every before.

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