Friday, April 11, 2008

Willow Creek Shift Experence 2008 - part 5

Well after Breakout C I was having some interesting things going on.

Here is a break down:
Breakout D
Instead of evaluation call it a check-in timeAnother good idea – relay night – relationship time – just hang out timeMiddle school life folder – an encouragement folder that has notes throughout the 3 years and then give that to 8th graders at 8th grade nightHow about an info packet for the parents about the team groupsFor parents night try a sponsor hot seat to let the parents and kids ask questions to the sponsors

As I was spending some time before the different experiences I found out the Cedar Rapids was in a tornado warning. I txted Lisa and she said they were about to get hit by the main part of the storm and then I called her. Things were fine but it is hard to be setting in a place that I can't do anything or be with the family during times like that.

After that I got a chance to enjoy the new Nooma 20 video, which was one I liked.

Then it was often to Scot Rubens home to hang out with a bunch of middle school/hr hi guys/gals. This was the best part of the whole shift experience for me besides the concentrated time with Mark F. that is always the best and I love do conference with Mark.

Now I'm about to watch the last two main speakers and then off to home.

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