Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book report - the dip

Seth Godin’s book, “the dip” was an interesting and short read. Usually when I get a recommended good short book I usually get a good idea or two and go from there. With Mr. Godin’s book I also got a couple good ideas but I also got one thing I didn’t agree with.

Good things first – I really like the way he explains the key of the book (the dip). “The Dip is the long slog between starting and mastery.” He goes on to share that this dip can be quite long. That in life we have dips & we need to make it through them. Because if we make it through them (the dips) we pull way ahead. As Mr. Godin says, “The fact that it’s difficult and unpredictable works to your advantage.”

The other good thing was some questions he recommends using before quitting anything:
“Am I panicking?”
“Who am I trying to influence?”
“What sort of measurable progress am I making?”
I like the idea of evaluating anything that you are going to quit. This gives me a list to do just that.

Now the thing I completely disagree with. He suggests in the quitting section that there is a time to quit things. Along in this section he says that dead-in relationships will never come around which I totally disagree. I might be wrong in his attention but here is what is written, “…when was the last time you heard about someone who stuck with a dead-end job or a dead-end relationship or a dead-end sales prospect until suddenly, one day, the person at the other end said, ‘Wow, I really admire your persistence; let’s change our relationship for the better?’ It doesn’t happen.” I’m open to other thoughts on this but I totally believe (in relationships) people can have a dead-in relationship revise. There are many examples of this in the Bible and in particular the fact that we are all in a dead-end relationship with God because of our sins. It is only because Jesus never gave up on us and died for us that we can be with God again – a dead-end relationship restored.

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