Saturday, April 05, 2008

Book Report – Getting students to show up

Reading through Jonathan McKee’s book, “Getting Students to Show Up” was a great affirmation to me and also a confirmation that when I went to college at Liberty U. many many years ago what I was taught is still very useful. Usually I put down two key thoughts or ideas that I get from a book. This one has a few key statements that I want to type here for me to recall when the need arise (and I’m sure the need will). Here they are:

“Our actions often point to Jesus more effectively than our words do.”

“People need to notice something different about us.”

“…it’s much more about conversation than presentation.”

And these are my favorites and the ones I think I could use most often:
“Sometimes we blame the Holy Spirit for our laziness.”

“The Holy Spirit will lead you when you plan.” - I really needed to read this!

“…the Holy Spirit won’t lead you to break your word or break a contract.”

Mr. McKee’s thoughts are helpful for many but I think new youth pastors will gain the most out of this book. It should be book #2 after getting and reading “Your First Two Years of Youth Ministry” by Doug Fields (you can read my little write up about that book here).

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