Monday, October 01, 2007

Prayers this month - Sep 07

Another very interesting month to reflect back on my reading of God's Word (I read through the book of Mark). After "My Historic" day and the reading of Scott McKnight's book Jesus Creed I've been recording here in my blog my monthly prayers. I have been stunned, stung, and stabilized in my relationship with Christ because of this. May these simple prayers be a reminder for me to stay always guarded, humble, and focused on the One.

Lord, if it is time for me to be pushed then please do but if not that is fine to. Help me to continue with where you have me at.

Lord, I want this life you have given me to bring you glory and not a life that doesn't, help me Lord, PLS!

Lord, I must obey you no matter what. How do I do this when it comes to my family?

Lord use my life stories to impact kids.

Lord, help me, the middle school parents and sponsors to take our life stories to explain and share about Your truth.

Lord, may I share your truth and love with all of me.

Lord, open my eyes to keep things simple for others (even if it means more work for me). May I be welcoming and open to your spirits leading.

Lord, I need you to keep me from losing my focus on you and you alone. Open my eyes to see what I need to see to bring you glory.

Lord, I want to say your truth in a way that people "get it" - including myself. Help me Lord, PLS!

Lord, I need your wisdom in understand how to have total confidence in you and not ask "if" question.

Lord, help me to see and understand this even more. I want nothing but to be your servant.

Lord, "wipe my slate clean of sins" my I be all that you want me to be to bring You and You alone maximum glory.

Lord, I want to give all - what is all in my life? How do I give it? Where do I start? Have I started?

Lord, my I constantly be looking into my heart to honor you humbly. You deserve my constant devotion, use me Lord for Your will, PLS!

Lord, I don't want to be a time waster and just someone "doing stuff." I want to be all that You want me to be, help me to understand that better about myself.

Lord, my I never give you "mock worship" in my life - ever. Lord, in my heart I know you are "I AM."

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