Monday, October 01, 2007

Middle School/Jr Hi Pastor summit - key thoughts #1

This is the start of different thoughts I'm having about middle school ministry. The goal is to have stuff out there for people to read and comment if they want. This are just my thoughts that have come from my study of the notes from the summit.

#1 - My Key thoughts from Curriculum notes (so far):
1) I’m working on transitioning the Middle School kids, parents, and sponsors through the children's ministries character curriculum to the Sr Hi's “head, heart, hands” experiences how do I do that?
2) It is so much more than just covering certain “topics” or certain “texts.”
3) Starting plan - to go from the children's ministries character curriculum, to giving kids, parents, and sponsors experiences w/those character qualities, then go from those experiences to the sr hi's “head, heart, hands” – which is all experiences
4) Thought – what if we give to the sponsors (and parents) relational probing questions that they ask kids about that focus on the character qualities they have been exposed to?


Anonymous said...

hand heart head sounds like 4=H with out one of the H's that is a good place to start with someof the things learned there chickens can keep you on your toes

Mark E. Eades said...

hmmmm.... Thx I think?

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