Monday, May 07, 2007

My Historic Retreat

This was a historical retreat for becuase in a book report post on Scot McKnight book Jesus Creed I explained an application from his book I wanted to use. Here is that application (if you would like to read the whole book report pls click here):
The very simple and practical application that I am using is this:
1) I have started reading a chapter a day from the Bible (I started in I Thess.)
2) From that chapter I find at least one verse that stands out to me
3) I then write a short (one sentence to three sentence) explanation of why that verse stood out to me.
4) My goal is to take a ½ day ever 6 mths to look over all of my short explanations and see if I find some kind of common theme(s) in them.
5) I take that common theme(s) to help me plan my next set of books I read, what I study in the Bible, change my person quite times to contemplate this common theme(s) better, etc
6) Grow in my understand of how to love God and love others better.I know this seems simple but for me, who needs things to be simple, I’m very excited about what God might do in my life while using this simple application.

Today was my first ½ day retreat where I wanted to see what I had wrote. WOW!! This has been the best retreat of my life when it comes to looking at God's Word. I found out that I can’t do this only every 6 mths but need to do it monthly. I had 12 pages worth of “short explanations” to read through, categorize, and study. I still have a lot to study but I’m even more excited than ever about this. But God is doing something - Lord use me, PLS!

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