Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prayers this month - July 07 (a little late)

I haven't had a chance to have a 1/2 day retreat since the first of July. Today I got a chance to do that. I looked back at my journaling from July and it was a very interesting read. I went through Genesis 26-50 during that time and it really made me do a lot of reflecting and contemplating (something I like to do) about my life. These prayers are a reflection of those contemplations.

Lord, you used Isaac in many ways and you had him go through both good and bad times, Lord my I be like Isaac through all things. Thx for 14 years of good and bad times with Lisa I looking forward to 41+ years with her if You want it.

Lord you picked Jacob to see the going and comings of your kingdom, you are allowing me to see your kingdom being built in these young kids, Lord may I never say "if" unless you want me to because I want to be the best instrument you have to impact middle school/jr hi kids - USE ME LORD! Pls

Lord you are all things to all people. You have made us - you maid Leah and Rachel you used them to bring yourself maximum glory help me to understand my part to give you maximum glory.

Help me Lord to understand how to take out the "household gods" that I have in my life and worship you alone.

I really don't deserve anything I have but yet God blesses me. I pray that I may be like Jacob and show love and loyalty to my God for all He has done for me. May I be a tool in His hands to love Him and others just that much better today.

After reading Gen 34:15 - Lord this is another hard idea for me to think about help me to see your hand in all this.

Lord may I someday be a Jacob in your hand - use me! pls!

Lord, I want to just say "I'm ready" for what every you ask me to do, but I'm scared because this is a very dangerous prayer - look what happened to Joseph. Help me Lord in my fear of honoring you.

Lord I need your help - show me where to go!

Lord you blessed Joseph is so many ways and he only worshipped you and honored you. May I be like Joseph in Your hands.

Lord, may I have the ability to prosper for you (not for me) to bring you maximum glory.

God I want to impact this world and you have chosen me to do that through Middle School students. Just like Joseph was used by you to save the people of the world from the famine and place your people in Egypt my I be your instrument to impact the world through these wonderful kids.

Lord help me to be sensitive to the different situations you place me in so that I might respond as Joseph’s steward did (Gen 44:10).

Lord may I suffer (if you want but if not that is fine with me) for you so that you may receive maximum glory.

Lord, help me to have the heart of Joseph - willing to do all I can for you no matter what position or circumstance I was in - use me Lord. (Note: I wrote the prayer the day my grandmother went home after a life worth living.)

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