Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whole different group of friends!

I haven't posted thoughts of middle school ministry since this post and I thought it would be good to place some thoughts I have been recently thinking. When it comes to our kids sharing Christ with other middle school students in their lives I wonder if we are missing something to help them.

We just developed our own purpose statement for IMPACT (we've always used the church's) which says: "IMPACT is where middle school students are given opportunities to take spiritual steps forward." Now this statement isn't for the students but for the adults and myself who are working and raising our kids. As I was thinking about this I read Kurt Johnston's blog and came on this post he had done recently. This made me do a lot of thinking and one big thought was - since our kids see a different group of "good" friends at church then they see at school these "good" friends are directly connected to church which, in their minds, is connected to salvation/Jesus. They don't see a need for salvation/Jesus for their school friends because they already have "good" friends. I wonder if we need to re-think how we set up our programs so that more students will be involved in Jesus and not involved in us and our programs. Just thinking - what do you think?

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